We shape, steer and focus light – with solid state optical technology

LensVector’s breakthrough technology eliminates the need for mechanical systems to focusing and steer light. The technology brings classic solid state advantages of performance, size, and manufacturability to dynamic light shaping.

Small, Rugged, Low power

Patented technology transforms a simple liquid crystal cell into an electronically controlled variable lens. Since it has no  parts, it is rugged and reliable. Because it is solid state it consumes a fraction of the power of mechanisms.

Scalable, Low Cost

LensVector’s technology is based on liquid crystal cells. This allows its products to be made on existing liquid crystal display (LCD) production lines. The devices are made in arrays as  giving an easy path to production volumes and low unit costs.

Simple to integrate

As there are no moving parts, magnets or springs, LensVector’s products allow for simpler, higher yield manufacturing that is more easily automated.