Dynamic Beam Shaping and Lighting.

LensVector’s dynamic beam shaping lenses deliver infinite beam control allowing designers to design and manage environments and scenes on-demand without mechanical systems, without ladders, without replacement optics, and without replacement lamps. And it works perfectly with conventional or wireless control systems. Narrow, wide or something in between. Now you have a choice.
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LensVector Lenses

Shaping what is shown and seen


Clear Aperture: 35mm, 48mm, or 65mm
M2M Series Beam Shape Control: less than 10° – greater than 50°
S2F Series Beam Shape Control: 15° – greater than 35°
Power Consumption: ~10mW
Thickness: 3mm – 5mm

LensVector Product Datasheets

M2M Series Datasheet

S2F Series Datasheet

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Targetti Dynamic Beam Shaper
LensVector Booth Demo LFI 2019
Moto ZERO 66 with beam shaping technology

Dynamic Beam Shaping Luminaires

It’s easier than ever to specify Dynamic Beam Shaping™ for your project. Choose from a range of LensVector equipped luminaires from the following professional lighting companies.

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