Adaptive molecular optics enabling new photonic solutions.

LensVector’s solid state optics are revolutionizing photonics by enabling the digital control of the shape, size and direction of light. Although motionless, they are fully configurable and controllable from lenses to prisms across the light spectrum from UV to IR.

The LensVector lens

The LensVector lens is a liquid crystal, controllable lens that allows the beam from a luminaire to be dynamically shaped. It’s no longer necessary to change bulbs or reflectors to set a new scene or create drama and emotion.

LensVector’s S2F Series enables Dynamic Beam Shaping between a 15-degree spot and a 35-degree flood. The M2M Series enables a beam angle range of less than 10 and greater than 50 degrees. Both series are available with clear apertures of 35mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 65mm. 

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Solid-state light sources have enabled the electronic control of the intensity and color of light but the ability to digitally manage light for size, shape and steering has been missing. LensVector’s Molecular Optics technology brings this missing agility to light without mechanical movement. Market applications include architectural, retail, residential, and street lighting.


Vision, sensing, and illumination systems in the automotive and aerospace sectors require skillful manipulation of light. LensVector is developing novel solid-state optics for adaptive forward lighting systems, heads-up displays, tail-light applications, and on-the-fly light management systems.

Medical / Ophthalmic

LensVector’s infinitely adjustable optics technology enables unique properties, such as dynamic depth scanning in endoscopy, laparoscopy, and miniature microscopy. Our ophthalmic lenses have almost diffraction limited aberrations that will provide continuous 20/20 vision from near to far conditions.

Extended Reality (XR)

In augmented, virtual, and mixed reality environments, the manipulation of light is key to producing enhanced experiences. LensVector’s technology enables smaller, faster, and more wearable XR solutions with dynamic focusing, and steering of light.


LensVector’s proprietary platform of molecular optics enable new capabilities for a range of optical sensors and cameras used in mobile devices. With the ability to focus from infinity to a few centimeters, these motionless variable focus lenses have the potential to eliminate the need for electromechanical optical solutions in many solid-state mobile devices.

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LensVector was founded to commercialize liquid crystal-based optics that enable adaptive optical capabilities without the use of mechanical systems or redundant light sources. The original technology was developed at Université Laval in the Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers. LensVector exclusively licensed the original patents from Laval and hired the core team as part of the R&D Group that is still located in Quebec City, Canada. The Company’s R&D group continues to work closely with Université Laval’s resources to advance and lead the field of molecular optics based on liquid crystal technology.

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