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“Our solid-state optical innovations enable the skillful and cost-effective manipulation of light.”

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Liquid crystal lenses

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LensVector was founded to commercialize liquid crystal-based optics that enable adaptive optical capabilities without the use of mechanical systems or redundant light sources. The original technology was developed at Université Laval in the Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers. LensVector exclusively licensed the original patents from Laval and hired the core team as part of the R&D Group that is still located in Quebec City, Canada. The Company’s R&D group continues to work closely with Université Laval’s resources to advance and lead the field of molecular optics based on liquid crystal technology.

The scalability of our architecture allows a few core products to support a broad range of applications and markets. This coupled with our outsourcing strategy to use legacy LCD production lines, provides the ramp-up capacity and cost structure to cost-effectively serve all target markets.


Less than 50 employees


Architectural Lighting


15mm, 35mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 65mm liquid crystal lenses


Global, assembly in North America


LensVector is privately held


114 global patents filed, 52 granted and more than 60 pending