LensVectorWe bring revolutionary new features to connected lighting by shaping and steering light using dynamic molecular optical technology

LensVector’s breakthrough technology allows dynamic light shaping, controlled from a mobile device. Initial products, developed with some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, will allow dynamic control of beam shape from spot to flood in LensVector equipped track and down lighting luminaires. These products will be available in the second quarter of 2017.

Rugged, Low power, Thin

No mirrors or motors, no moving parts at all. Patented technology uses molecular reorientation to produce an electronically controlled variable lens. Since it has no moving parts, it is rugged and reliable. The system consumes a fraction of the power of even the most efficient LEDs. A typical dynamic lens is about the same thickness as a traditional diffuser.

Scalable, Low Cost

LensVector’s technology is based on liquid crystal cells. This allows dynamic lenses to be made on existing liquid crystal display (LCD) production lines. Since the devices are made in arrays there is an easy path to production volumes and low unit costs.

The Whole System

In addition to providing the dynamic optics, LensVector has developed right-sized drivers and beam control apps that allow lighting manufacturers to easily upgrade their products with this exciting new feature.